Weekly Meditations: Tribe & Habits

The Hard Truth
The reality is...no one else will improve your life for you. You have to go and make it happen. You must take responsibility to get yourself to where you want to be.

The Good News is that anything is possible, you can make it happen, and there is always a Way forward.

One problem is to assume that people can keep doing things the same way with the hope that somehow they’ll make new progress. One of my favorite quotes from Brian Tracy’s book, No Excuses!, is “What got you here won’t get you any farther." Meaning we have to keep changing our routine, changing our thinking, and changing our habits.

There are two things that are critical for success and happiness:
1. Belong to a tribe.
2. Create new habits today (not tomorrow).

A few nights ago, my family was having dinner at our friends house. My friend asked me how church was going and I said, “I’m no longer working at that church. We’re doing something new.” I went on to explain why the old church was no longer working, in fact it, it was dying. My family had to start something new or else we would die too.

I explained to him how I’ve noticed that personally I feel more satisfaction (and see better results) from coaching and encouraging a small group of close friends than I do from preaching to an audiences of strangers. He responded with, “Oh, like a tribe.” "Yes!," I said, "That's it exactly."

Our culture teaches us to conform to the crowd, well the crowds get brainwashed (click to watch). I believe that being in a tribe is better than being in a crowd. Tribes are more powerful; think special forces. They are where people get transformed, learn, grow, and perform on a higher level. Jesus put together a small tribe and taught them how to walk on water in the middle of a huge storm. Read Matthew 14:22-33.

The next morning, I was watching the Mike Glover Actual YouTube channel, which is an episode you need to watch (click here) because he pulls back the cloak on what’s going down in our country right now and what you can do about it.

But around the 22 minute mark, Mike starts talking about becoming a better person. He said, "Habits are things that are going to make you better." I believe that strongly! That's why I've created the Five F’s chart for our Tribe members: Faith, finances, fitness, family, friends.

In order to make ourselves, our lives, and our families better we must create new and better daily habits than what we our currently doing. Remember, what got us here won't get us any farther. We need to start doing things differently if we want better outcomes. Where do we get inspired? By our Tribe. By the way, Jesus is the leader of our Tribe.

Don't settle for anything less than abundant life. Jesus already bought the rights to it for you. He’s given you the tools, now it’s time to get to work. Now go take hold of it! Start building a more resilient mind, body, and get in a resilient tribe!

1. Are you in a tribe that is helping create new better habits or bad ones?
2. Where do you want to become more resilient. More resilient body (and pandemic proof), more resilient mind? More resilient friendships?
3. Have you written down where you are with your Five F’s?

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