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Knowledge Share: Tribe & Transformation, Time for Action!

I'm posting my communication earlier this week because I couldn't wait to share this information with you and I don't know if the video will stay up long on YouTube.

But first, since relaunching Authenticity here in Nashville, it has been a time of exciting discovery for me.

I've discovered that we are not going to be your average church. God has something much bigger for us and I’m glad…because average sucks.

We're a tribe and being in this tribe means that you're going through a process of are not settling for average…you’re becoming your optimal self!

Your optimal self no longer has your old limitations (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally, financially, etc.) all the things that have been holding you back all this time are now in the past. You get to remake yourself into the kind of person Christ offered up His life for you to become — fully alive, growing, creating, thriving.

The Bible describes this process as being "transformed” like this, "Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2).

Brian Tracy refers to it as the process of “self-actualization.”

He describes it as, “The feeling that you are becoming everything you are capable of becoming. This occurs when you feel that you are realizing more and more your true potential."

Brian goes on to say, "Abraham Maslow is best known for his hierarchy of needs. He determined that people have both the 'deficiency needs' and 'being needs.' People strive either to compensate for their deficiencies or to realize their potential.

What mode are you in right now?

How do people go through life compensating for their deficiencies? First, by thinking thoughts like, "I'm a victim of my genetics" or "I have a medical condition that prevents me from being the best I can possibly be" or "I'm not talented enough to be successful" or "I'll never be happy" or "good things happen for other people, but not for me."

People who allow these kinds of thoughts to rule them end up settling for average jobs, average homes, average marriages, average health, and average life experiences. They become conformed to this world and waste a lot of time, energy, and money compensating for their deficiencies.  

That's not the way God intended us to live. He created us to receive His blessings! You can to realize your full God-given potential and experience life at its best -- the way God intended it to be.

I was reminded yesterday that we have access to unlimited power & knowledge from the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:49; John 16:3), who indwells us, yet we almost never use it. Most people don't even know how to tap into that source. But the process you will go through as an Authenticity tribe member will change that.

I believe that Satan wants to suppress this knowledge, he wants stop the transformative process, control out thinking and make us feel like we’ll never get to where we want to be. Or, he’ll make us “too busy” to start working on the right things. We must reject those thoughts and stop doing shit that doesn’t make our lives any better.

Daniel 11:32, "The people who know their God will be strong and take action."

One action step you can take right now Is to get briefed on what's going down in the world as we speak. As Palms 2:2 says, "The rulers conspire together against the Lord." Well, that’s happening, and the video you’re about to watch is going to expose the darkness and challenge how you think about everything.

The video is from a YouTube channel called the Shawn Ryan Show. Shawn is a former Navy SEAL and after his career in the SEAL teams, he went to work for CIA. In this episode Shawn interviews Dr. Steven Greer. Dr. Greer who is a very successful ER doctor, but apparently God had bigger plans for him than just that because he ended up in the unique role of briefing every US president, since Clinton, and CIA directors on extra-terrestrial events.  

Watch this video with your spouse or a friend and talk about it. This will change the way you think about everything! It's two hours long, but you can also set aside 30 minutes a day and finish it by Sunday.

We don't know all there is to know about God or the universe He created. 1 John 3:2 reads, "Dear friends, we are God's children now, and what we will be has not yet been revealed. We know that when he appears, we will be like him, because we will see him as he is." There's more to come and it will be revealed when Jesus Christ comes returns.

Now we also know that we are living in the Last Days and evil will make its final fight just prior to Christ's return. If we're not presently preparing for battle everyday then we will end up being victims and not victors.

In our tribe, there are no victims only victors...conquers! We conquer by having faith in Jesus, taking bold action to push back the darkness, and by becoming your optimal self. 1 John, 5:5 says, "Who is the one who conquered the world...the one who believes that Jesus is the son of God."

So, two things in conclusion. First, I want you to be aware and prepared for whatever evil attack is coming next. I don’t know what or when, but I do believe it will be bigger than 9/11 and the recent two year long pandemic-government shut down…those were just practice runs.

How do you prepare? By making yourself, your family, your mind, your body, and your friendships, more resilient today. We need you at your best. The battle is on, everyone is in it whether they realize it or not.
Here's what you can do right now:

1. Resolve to STOP being a victim & START the transformation process toward becoming your optimal self by joining our tribe by clicking this button below now!
2. Watch this video (below) or click this link:
3. Come to our gathering this Sunday! 
Text the word "HELLO" to (615) 437-3773 to get the weekly scoop on the when & where!

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