UFO's, Conspiracies, & the Unseen Realm

UFO's, Conspiracies, & the Unseen Realm

Every week we're going to give you exercises to do, resources, and knowledge to use that will make your life better. These are tools, knowledge, and skills that will develop you into your optimal self and empower you to make better life decisions.

Very few people ever reach their full potential in their lifetime. The ones that do often end up as leaders, athletes, artists, actors, authors, and successful entrepreneurs. They know what it's like to be fully alive, how to go beyond both their own limitations and the limitations placed on them by other people, and how to tap into their supernatural gifting.

I am always on the hunt for the best ideas, knowledge, and practices to implement in my own life and to share with you. I want you to experience being fully alive, to be happy, to have fun and stack up a long list of great achievements in your lifetime. To never settle for average or work a job you're not passionate about. To never fall victim to lies or corruption, and to never be afraid because in the words of Gwen Stefani, "Life is short. You're capable." God has made you capable.

Now, I see the world becoming more challenging, dangerous and corrupt. There are dark powers at work in our world manipulating people, governments, and corporations. They're even trying to manipulate you (your thoughts, your health, your finances) in order to create a world that submits to the Beast, opposes God and is anti-Christ. Few people know or have accurate information about this.

A hot topic recently I want to deal with is the UFO phenomena. In the past few years media corporations like Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are loosing viewers to platforms like YouTube; instead, people are tuning into shows like Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, and PBD.

Those guys have become the new mainstream and what's trending on their shows are topics like Ayahuasca, UFOs, conspiracies, and meditation. Things that the old mainstream would avoid or cover up. Now these topics are in the public view and quite frankly many Christians and pastors don't have good answers or solutions for them.

The Bible gives us real answers about these topics and I’m willing to bet those answers are more exciting than you're assuming right now. We'll show what the Bible reveals about satan, angels and demons, the Nephilim, the earth pre-flood, and study stories like Abraham's mysterious visitors in Genesis 18-19.

Angels, for example, are not light beings with wings as you see portrayed in movies and stories. Most often in Scripture angels appear indistinguishable from human beings, doing human things, and you wouldn't know they were angels until they do some kind of supernatural action. Hebrews 13:2 CSB, "Don’t neglect to show hospitality, for by doing this some have welcomed angels as guests without knowing it." Excited to diving deeper into all of this with you.

For now, do these two things and we'll meet up again on Sunday the 12th - watch for a text!
1. Make some progress this week. Carve out intentional time to work on the Five F's Life Vision Board doc and come ready to share.
2. Download real truth. Watch this documentary by Dr. Michael Heiser called the Unseen Realm: https://youtu.be/2QM7anD5vSI This will provide the necessary background when we talk about UFO's & conspiracies, etc.

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